Installing Raspbian

Get this dedicated Linux distro onto your RasPi

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Pi Server

Fixing Pi4's HDMI..

Is your Pi4 not showing screen output?

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Wake On LAN

Configure your Minty Nix boxes to use WoL..

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DHCP On-Screen

Display DHCP Leases On-Screen

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Fun Feature: A user guide to Installing OSMC

Remember Windows XP Media Centre Edition..? Probably not..


..and why the hell would you!? But IF you did you'd remember a somewhat nifty attempt at a picturesque media player. Shame it never caught on. Too far in the XP development cycle perhaps.

We all benefitted from Vista instead.

Well some fine people in Raspberry Pi land have made a dedicated player with a cool interface.

You can even stream media onto that shagged-out old flat screen TV piece of shite you've been wondering what the hell to do with..

Why, you could even watch it on 640x480 for that matter. Retro is cool, yes..?

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Off-topic but interesting..

Dead Ahead

Warning: dead ahead

Not just a Nix freak, I like plastination of dead bodies for medical use and I met someone who does it..

Electroconvulsive Therapy

Ever had ECT?

Electroconvulsive therapy is used to help lift depression and can be a shocking thing to behold...

SIM Man is here!

Simulated Humans

They are amongst us and they pretend to be real. This one has a motherboard in his chest and real tears.