Shell Scripts

Configuring 'Nix..

Unix, Linux, PHP, MySQL, Apache and open source applications..

Aliases, Creating  
Apache, Wide Directory List
Apache on Linux
Apache 2.0.52, Install
Apache, Passwording
Apache|PHP|MySQL|Perl (BSD LAMP)
Apache & PHP
Apache Virtualhosts
apt-get command
Backup Script
Bash, Install (BSD)
Big Brother, Install
CHMOD and Permissions
Conky Graphical Systems Monitor
Command Listing
Commands, Linux (inc. vs MS-DOS)
Console Colours, Changing
Copy Directories containing Files
Cron, Scheduling Tasks
Date Command, Usage in Scripts
DHCP Service, Install (BSD)
DHCP Service, Install (Ubuntu/Mint)
DHCP Service, Log file (BSD)
DHCP Service, Log file (Mint)
DHCP Service, Alerting #1
DHCP Service, Alerting #2
Directory, Deleting
Directories, Navigating
Disk Usage
DNS and FreeBSD
DNS, Slow in Ubuntu
Dual Booting with Windows
Dual Boot install with Windows
Email Alerter Script
Email Client, Configuring
Email, Redirecting
Email and SMS Out!
Email, Using
Email, Using PINE
External IP Monitor Script
File Structure
Files, listing
Firewalling with IPF
Floppy Imaging
Font Installation
FTP, Automated
FTP, Lukem Config
FTP, Commands, Using
Gateway Setup (BSD)
Gateway Setup (Linux)
Gateway Rules, Customising
GCC Compiler, Installing
Grep, Introduction
Grep, Using
Grub, Editing to change boot order
Hacking FreeBSD
H.264 Multimedia Files
Hostname, Changing
IMAP Email, Installing
Installing Stuff
Installation Floppies
Installation Floppies, FTP
Install FreeBSD from CD
Installation. FTP, Floppies
Install Linux from a Network
Install Linux from a Network
Install Linux Mint 8
Is Unix HARD to Learn?  
Java, Flash, Installing
Jabber Messaging Server
Kernel, Recompile
Keyboard and mouse, Sharing
Keybard Shortcuts
Linux, Introduction
Logfile Archive Script
Logfile Growth Script
Log Network Traffic with vnstat
ls Command, Using
Lynx, Web Browser
Mail Client, Configuring
Message of the Day
Mirror a Website
Mount a CDROM Drive (RH)
Mount a CDROM Drive (Fedora)
Mount a CDROM Drive
Mount a FAT Partition (RH)
Mount a FAT32 Partition (Fedora)
Mount a Floppy Drive
Mount a Network Share
Mount a Network Share (Fedora)
Mount a Network Share (Ubuntu/Mint)
Mount a Network Share (BSD)
Mount an NTFS Partition (RH)
Mount an NTFS Partition (Fedora)
Mount a USB Drive (RH)
Mount a USB Drive (BSD)
MP3s, Playing
MySQL, Basic Commands
MySQL, Introduction
MySQL, Installation (3.23)
MySQL, Installation (4.0.18)
MySQL, PERL Modules
MySQL, Table Structure & Function
MySQL, Users vs System Users
NFS Server (BSD)
NFS Server (Linux)
Online Monitor Script
Partitioning, Introduction
Partitions and Slices
Passwords, Changing
Password, Root, Bypass
PERL Installation
PERL 5.8.8 Installation
PHP Installation
Pine, Using
Ping Tracker Script
Pipes, Using
Ports, Installing
Postfix Mail Installation
Processes, Managing
Prompt, Setting
Psi Message Client, Installing
PXE and TFTP Service
PXE, Tweaking
Reboot, Alert
Reg Expr Tao Of
Remote Shutdown
Root User, Enabling
RPMs Explained
SAMBA, Installing on Raspberry Pi (Raspbian/Debian)  
SAMBA, Installing (BSD)
SAMBA, Installing (RH)
Samba and Windows Vista
Scripting, Basics
Scripting, Custom Scripts
Scripting, Custom Alerts
Screensaver, Delay
Searching, For Files  
Services, Automate
Sendmail hangs on boot
Shells, Using
Sitecopy Synchs Servers
SMS and Email Out!
Squid Web Proxy Server
Squid Analysis Report Generator
SSH Installing (RH)
SSH Installing (Mint)
SSH, Fatal Timeout
SSH, Restricting Users
SSH and SU
SSL Redirection under Apache
Sudo, Installing
Symbolic Links & Paths
Synergy, Sharing a Keyboard and Mouse
Syslog, Configuring
.tar.bz2 Files, Handling
Terminal jokes, Removing
Terminals and consoles
There Are Stopped Jobs
Time, Altering
Time, Synchronising
Tripwire, Install
Tweaking the System
Unix Box, Building
Users, Adding
Users, Viewing
Version, Which OS Version?
vi Editor, Introduction
vi Editor, Using
vi Recovering.., Stop
Virtual Machines CALCRU Error
VMWare, Using
Virus Update Server
VNC, Installing VNC
VNC, Installing RealVNC (RH)
VNC, Installing RealVNC (Fedora)
Wake on LAN
Webmin for Unix
Webmin for Linux
WGET, Installing
X-Windows, Introduction
X-Windows, Installation (FreeBSD)
YUM, Using