Shell Scripts

Shell Scripts

A shell script is a file containing a list of commands. Similar to a batch file in DOS/Windows, but much more powerful. The shell ('nix command-line interpreter) reads this file and carries out the commands. Typical operations performed by shell scripts include file manipulation, program execution, and printing text.

Using shell scripts allows for dynamic commands and tasks to be automated. These can be run manually or automated to run at specified times. And because the scripts are clear-text they can be created using a plain text editor of your choice and don't require compiling before use.


Shell script basics
Regular expressions? See Who's using my shares..?
Running shell scripts from Windows


DHCP: Monitor leases in real time
DHCP: Lease Alerter Script
DHCP: Create a custom leases log
External IP Address Monitor Script
External IP Address Recording Script
External IP Address Notify Script

Log Files

Log File Archive Script
Log file change script


Remotely power on a 'Nix box from your mobile
Remotely power off a 'Nix system from your mobile
Remotely power on and Ping a system


Samba - Controlling shares remotely
Samba - Methods for mounting Shares
Samba - Mount Shares without providing a password
Samba - All files logged as 'opened' when browsed from Windows..
Samba - Who has been using my network shares..?
Samba - Could not access PID file for smbd..
Samba - Could not access PID file for smbd..
- see also Samba - Installing (Raspbian/Debian)


Fix Ubuntu & Mint apt-get 404 Not Found Package Repository Errors
Display text from another website using PHP and CURL
Modifying the system PATH variable
User Online Monitor Script
Linux Config Backup Script
Sysadmin Menu Script
Send emails using sendEmail
Send an SMS from Unix/Linux


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